At Freesuns, we believe in a world in which power generation is sustainable, non-polluting and beautiful...

...where everyone can generate solar power without compromising the aesthetic or architectural integrity of their building. That’s why Freesuns has developed a range of wonderful solar tiles designed to maximize the photovoltaic cell coverage for any roof shape or style. So you can sustainably produce energy from your own beautiful house.

It’s that simple.

Our Story

It all started when John Morello, the founder of Freesuns, and his family moved into a new home. It was a Mid-Century Modern architecturally designed house which desperately needed a new roof. Quickly they found themselves in a dilemma… they wanted to produce solar energy but traditional solar panels would have ruined the architectural integrity of their house.

Being an engineer and passionate about green technologies, John wanted to solve this challenge. He designed a solar tile which could be a direct replacement for the existing cement roof tiles. The final result was outstanding. The new roof generates over 20 MWh per year, exceeding their total annual household electrical consumption, including powering an electric car.

Freesuns was born.

Our house is a beautiful example of 1960s modernist architecture but it was in desperate need of a new roof.
John Morello, Founder of Freesuns

Our Team

A passionate team with big ideas
At Freesuns we are passionate about green technologies and architecture. We love designing solutions where there is no compromise between aesthetics and energy efficiency.

We believe any new construction or renovation project is an opportunity to produce clean energy locally that should not be missed. We enable you to make a difference while preserving the heritage and architectural integrity of our villages and cities. That’s what keeps us motivated every day.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our Partners

Whether it is for R&D, production, installation or certification, Freesuns partners with the best experts in the industry to deliver a premium solution to our customers.


In the solar industry, companies like Freesuns are dedicated to finding optimal solutions for all stakeholders. This commitment includes significant research and development efforts to produce more efficient products. As the European Union aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 through increased use of affordable solar energy and enhanced building efficiency to eliminate energy poverty, it has launched the Horizon Europe Sphinx program. We are honored to be selected as a privileged partner in this 36-month R&D solar program.

The Sphinx project unites 12 partners from 7 countries across Europe to develop modular solar building elements using advanced EU technology. This initiative will enable flexible, cost-effective production and faster construction. The project will focus on creating lightweight solar products and innovative manufacturing methods, which will be demonstrated at five different sites. Additionally, Sphinx aims to repatriate solar production to Europe from the US and China.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project.


How a Freesuns roof works