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You can see below some articles published in Swiss local newspapers or specialized architectural press talking about Freesuns’ adventure or projects. Some media contents are also available.

Le Temps Newspaper

Photovoltaic solutions that provide electricity while acting as a roof are becoming more widespread in Switzerland, where they are subsidized. Article in French.

Article on

"THE ROOF OF THE FUTURE. By integrating solar cells into roof tiles, any roof can be converted into a photovoltaic system – without compromising the aesthetic or architectural integrity of a building..."

La LibertÚ Magazine

"SOLAR TILES OR THE ROOFS OF THE FUTURE. A Swiss company has developed a concept to optimise the production of electricity from solar energy. Built by a pupil of Le Corbusier, this villa..." Article in French.


PME Magazine

"A VAUDOISE COMPANY RIVALS TESLA. In Colombier-sur-Morges, Freesuns develops custom-made solar tiles with an aesthetic particularly suited to Switzerland's architectural heritage..." Article in French.

SÚcuritÚ Environnement Magazine

"SOLAR ROOF TILES FOR HERITAGE BUILDINGS. A young Vaud-based company has developed traditional-looking roof tiles with invisible photovoltaic cells, capable of producing electricity, while preserving the aesthetic appearance of traditional roofs..." Article in French.



The latest Freesuns solar tile model launched by Freesuns produces electricity while preserving the aesthetic appearance of old roofs with their terracotta colors. 

With the various models of photovoltaic tiles that he has been designing and installing for five years now, John Morello, founder of Freesuns, is adding a new stone to the solar building industry. After renovating the entire roof of his villa in the modern style of the 1950s, he was able to redo the roof of the small house near the famous Grand Chalet de Balthus, in Rossinière, thanks to superimposed plates that look like two drops of water to slate. The same challenge was met in Grimentz, where his company was commissioned to replace a small shingled roof. It blends in perfectly with the decor of this typical village while supplying energy to the charging stations for electric cars.

Article in French.

Revue TracÚs

"HOW TO RECONCILE SOLAR ENERGY AND BUILT HERITAGE? Sharing the plot of land of the Grand Chalet in Rossinière (VD), a small building, simple in appearance, conceals a small treasure of technology difficult to detect..." Article in French.


"ELECTRICITY FROM STONE. Solar modules that look like fibre cement shingles or roof tiles made of stone? The products of a start-up from near Lausanne look promising.... " Article in German.

PV Magazine

"SOLAR TILES FOR NEW AND HISTORIC BUILDINGS... Freesuns says its tiles can be used on historic buildings and can cover 100% of rooftops."

Video and article on Le

"THS SOLAR TILE THAT FITS ON NEW AND OLD ROOFS. A Vaud-based start-up launches a roof tile with invisible photovoltaic sensors..." Article and video in French.


"IN THE SOLAR TILE MARKET, FREESUNS WANTS TO SHINE. The young company from Colombier is launching a range of photovoltaic tiles with the aim of democratising solar energy..." Article in French.


"A BRILLANT IDEA. A start-up company is launching solar panels in the form of tiles. The creators intend to equip several buildings in the region." Article in French.

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