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Missed Freesuns’ TV show ?

Missed Freesuns’ TV show ?

Watch the replay by clicking the link below.
You haven’t watched the Mission Possible TV show about the install of a Freesuns’ solar roof in Grimentz.

Watch the TV Show from your home by clicking the following link:
Mission possible with Freesuns

Mission possible with Freesuns

Don't miss the episode 2 of the magazine "Mission Possible" which will air on RTS1 on December 27th at 5:45 pm.
Alongside Marc Muller and his team, we had the chance to take part in a project to promote renewable energies in the ski resort of Grimentz and to raise awareness among the local population about climate issues. To find out more, don't miss this episode!

Image copyright RTS/Darrin Vanselow

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