Freesuns will provide you the full solution including your new roof, electrical connections and batteries to create your own personal sustainable power generation system. You can see how the entire ecosystem works below.

The power of nature

The free sun is shining.

Freesuns solar tiles

Capture the energy from the sun. The tiles are connected to power optimizers which will manage the roof and ensure best performance of the system.


Connected to the power optimizers, the inverter will convert the DC electricity into AC electricity. .

Use of energy

The electricity produced can be used directly for all the electrical devices in the house.

Store your energy

Install a battery so you can store your own electricity to use when the sun is not shining.

Energy to move

Fuel your electric car with Freesuns power and have a green ride.

Contribute your energy

The energy you don’t use can be stored in a battery or reinjected to the grid.

Monitor performance

Keep an eye on your production, consumption patterns and optimize your energy usage via the mobile or desktop app.

Save money

By consuming the energy you produce and selling what you don’t use.

What are the benefits?


Unlike solar panels, Freesuns tiles are small and customizable which enables us to completely cover any roof shape and work around obstacles such as windows.

Robust Roof construction

Our solar tiles are made with tempered glass and installed in an overlapping manner, like traditional slate tiles, making the roof robust, incredibly strong and equally waterproof.

Reduced Fire Risk

The unique design of our system results in a significantly reduced fire risk compared to traditional solar panels.

Complete visibility

As all elements of the roof are monitored by power optimizers and a computer monitoring system, you can always see what is going on real time through a dashboard (by the hour, day, week, month, year).

Financial Sense

The investment for a beautiful Freesuns Solar Roof is a financially responsible one. Instead of a one-time cost for a traditional roof that will depreciate over time, you are making an investment in an asset which produces energy and generates a financial return over the life of the roof.

See our beautiful solar tiles