Get an estimate for your Freesuns solar roof

The calculation tool below will provide you with a preliminary estimate for a Freesuns solar roof based on the size of your roof and the product you choose. Please keep in mind that every project is different and that the figures provided below are only indicative. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a detailed budget for your project.

What is the surface of your roof ?

Use the cursor below to define the surface that you would like to cover with our solar tiles. It can be the entire surface of your roof or just part of it if you would like to cover only a certain number of roof faces.
The minimum roof surface requested for our solution to work is 60 m2.
For project above 200 m2, please contact us directly, we will be able to assist you with a more precise estimate.

Which model of solar tile do you want?

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When are you planning to redo your roof?

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What is included in this estimate?

This estimate includes the supply of the equipment necessary for a solar roof and includes the solar tiles, the solar inverter and the solar power optimizers.

The reason why the estimate is presented as a price range is because there can be variation caused by:
  • Roof shape – depending on the shape of the roof, small tiles and border tiles can be needed in order to cover 100% of the surface.
  • Size of the solar tile – we offer different format of tiles which impacts the price per m2.

Other costs to consider when installing a Freesuns roof

The cost of the installation is not included here as this amount varies from one project to another. When building a roof, whether it is a solar or a traditional roof, you also need to consider the following elements that are not included in the estimate presented above:

  • Installation of the scaffolding
  • Removal of the old tiles (in case of renovation)
  • Installation or renovation of the roof sub-structure including insulation
  • Installation of the tiles

For a Freesuns roof, the cost of commissioning the photovoltaic system must also be added.


The budget presented above is only a quick estimate and does not constitute a binding offer. If you are interested in getting a more detailed budget that fits the needs of your specific project, please click on “Request an offer” and we will be happy to help you chose the solution that best fits your needs.
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