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Freesuns in the news - French article in Securité Environment revue

Freesuns in the news - French article in Securité Environment revue

Solar Roof Tiles for Heritage Buildings
By Georges Pop
A young Vaud-based company has developed traditional-looking roof tiles with invisible photovoltaic cells, capable of producing electricity, while preserving the aesthetic appearance of traditional roofs. These innovative tiles, which require no special preparation for installation, open up solar energy to heritage buildings, as well as to those owners who do not want to install ordinary panels, in order to preserve the traditional style of their roofs.
Freesuns is looking for support in marketing & communications

Freesuns is looking for support in marketing & communications


• Are you passionate about making a difference to Climate Change?
• Are you a self-starter who has a flair for design and can create a range of exceptional marketing content?
• Are you comfortable working on social media platforms?
• Do you want to work with a small team of committed people building a sustainable future?

Freesuns is looking for a Marketing Co-ordinator to create content and drive our Marketing Communications to increase the awareness of solar roof tiles with our target customer segment and with our installation partners.
You would be hands-on in creating our marketing content, generating well-qualified sales leads and supporting our sales team. We are looking for someone with good design skills who can create beautiful imagery, sales materials, videos, social media posts and any other marketing content to build our brand.

Key tasks:
• Develop a range of marketing communication assets with a focus on high quality digital materials such as imagery, infographics and videos which showcase the unique value of Freesuns roofs
• Develop a clear branding strategy and build our brand awareness in the appropriate channels
• Develop and execute a social media strategy by generating content and updating it to our web site and managing our social media sites
• Promote our brand and products through appropriate Public Relations activities, working with journalists and other stakeholders
• Write content for brochures, product catalogues, submissions and other marketing assets
• Use appropriate software tools to create a library of marketing assets such as sales presentations, brochures, sales proposals, imagery etc
• Work with specialists such as video editors and photographers to ensure we have exceptional content
• Execute lead-generation campaigns to generate appropriate sales leads
• Handle incoming leads and other enquiries to qualify opportunities for the sales team
• Whatever else needs to be done to help grow the Freesuns business

Your skills will include:
• A flair for elegant design enabling you to create beautiful marketing materials which reflect our brand positioning as a premium product
• Demonstrated track record of developing marketing assets yourself with strong technical skills in appropriate software tools such as the Adobe suite
• Familiarity with using social media to build a brand profile
• Some training or work experience in either Marketing Communications, Art, Industrial Design, Photography, Graphic Design or related fields
• Excellent verbal communication and content writing skills in both French and English. German language skills would also be an advantage.
• Previous experience in Business-to-Consumer marketing would be highly favourable
Your personal characteristics will include:
• A positive, can-do attitude and willingness to take on any task
• A clear sense of personal responsibility and accountability
• Self-motivation and a strong work ethic
• Excellent organisational skills
• Ability to work closely with others to achieve an outcome

This position will commence at part-time at 50% and may scale up to full-time as our business grows.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please send us your resume including some examples of your work to
Freesuns joins the Swiss Technology Fund

Freesuns joins the Swiss Technology Fund

Freesuns will join the Swiss Technology Fund portfolio of companies.. The Technology Fund supports climate protection through innovative technologies.
We are thrilled to announce that Freesuns will join the Swiss Technology Fund portfolio of companies. The Technology Fund offers loan guarantees to Swiss companies whose novel products contribute to a sustainable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Freesuns will have access to finance to accelerate our mission over the next few years.

La tuile solaire trompe l’œil des maisons villageoise

La tuile solaire trompe l’œil des maisons villageoise

Le dernier modèle lancé par Freesuns produit de l’électricité tout en préservant l’aspect esthétique des anciennes toitures avec leurs couleurs de terre cuite.
Article publié dans 24Heures par Jean-Marc Corset

Avec les différents modèles de tuiles photovoltaïques qu’il a conçus et installe depuis maintenant cinq ans, John Morello, fondateur de Freesuns, apporte une nouvelle pierre à l’édifice solaire dans le bâtiment. Après avoir rénové toute la toiture de sa villa dans le style moderne des années 50, il a pu refaire le toit de la petite maison proche du célèbre Grand Chalet de Balthus, à Rossinière, grâce à des plaques superposées qui ressemblent comme deux gouttes d’eau à de l’ardoise. Même pari réussi à Grimentz où son entreprise a été mandatée pour remplacer une petite toiture en bardeaux. Elle s’intègre parfaitement dans le décor de ce village typique tout en alimentant en énergie des bornes de recharge de voitures électriques.

Image copyright 24Heures - Jean-Marc Corset
A New Solar Tile to Transform Traditional Roofs into Solar Roofs

A New Solar Tile to Transform Traditional Roofs into Solar Roofs

Colombier, 11 May 2021: Freesuns is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative Solaris™ VDiamond Terracotta solar tile. This solar tile is revolutionary in its unique shape and range of earth tone colours. The Solaris™ VDiamond solar tile provides a beautiful and simple solution for 100% solar coverage for traditional and heritage buildings.
Freesuns has been working on the development of the Solaris™ VDiamond solar tile for the past three years to bring this ground-breaking product to the Swiss market. The expanded range of Freesuns solar tiles will contribute to an increased adoption of solar energy in Switzerland by providing a sustainable solution for houses and buildings without visually altering traditional roof aesthetics.

The Solaris™ VDiamond solar tile replicates the traditional terracotta clay roof tile and is available in a range of earth tone colours that can match existing roof tiles. The solar tile can fit any roof shape, including complex architectural constructions. It is ideal for houses located in traditional Swiss villages or historic buildings in city centres protected by heritage preservation laws. The installation process is the same as for traditional roof tiles utilising identical wood substructures. The Solaris™ VDiamond roof generates up to 111 Wp per m2.

Freesuns has helped clients produce energy with its range of solar tiles since 2017. With subsidies provided by the Swiss Government (Pronovo) for solar installations, the potential long-term return on investment is significant.

“We are excited to have developed this uniquely shaped colored solar roof tile. The launch of this product, together with our existing product range, enables building owners to install a solar roof without having to compromise on aesthetics.” John Morello, Founder of Freesuns

Freesuns has completed the first installation of the Solaris™ VDiamond tile in the lakeside village of Buchillon, Vaud. The owners were delighted with the results and look forward to using the solar energy generated to charge their electric cars and heat their outdoor swimming pool.

“The roof looks amazing and fits perfectly with the traditional neighbouring village houses “, Craig – Home Owner Buchillon.

Missed the programme about a new Freesuns solar roof in Grimentz?

Missed the programme about a new Freesuns solar roof in Grimentz?

Watch the replay by clicking the link below.
If you missed the Mission Possible show on Swiss TV RTS about the installation of a Freesuns’ solar roof in Grimentz, you can watch it again by clicking on the following link:

Mission Possible with Freesuns

Mission Possible with Freesuns

Don't miss the Swiss TV show "Mission Possible" on December 27th at 5:45 pm about solar energy in Grimentz, with a new Freesuns solar roof built to power electric cars.
We travelled to Grimentz with Marc Muller and his team, to take part in a project to promote renewable energy in the ski resort of Grimentz and to raise awareness about climate change with the local population . To find out more, don't miss this episode!

Image copyright RTS/Darrin Vanselow

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