Our completed solar roofs

Looking for some inspiration?
Since our first installation in 2016, we have delivered a number of projects across all types of buildings including freestanding houses, villas and commercial buildings. See some examples below.

Curved roof in Meggen

In the canton of Lucerne, the municipality of Meggen decided to entrust the renovation and photovoltaic covering of the roof of its Central 2 school, which presented significant technical challenges due to its curved shape, to the Freesuns’ team.
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Listed building in Ferlens

In Ferlens, the municipality opted for a terracotta roof in order to respect the architectural heritage of this former secondary school, which now houses flats and a craft room.
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Villa in Versoix

The owner of this villa in Versoix wanted to do something for the planet. So he decided to install a Fressuns solar roof with Solaris™ Heritage tiles, perfectly mimicking the old slate tiles that covered his roof.
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Villa in Yverdon-les-Bains

A tailor-made solution for a beautiful villa in Yverdon. With its complex 16-sided roof, the owner sought a solution that could meet the architectural challenge presented by his roof.
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localisationLavaux, Vaud

Lakefront Villa in Lavaux

Lakeside house in the beautiful and UNESCO World Heritage protected Lavaux. This lakeside villa was renovated with the goal to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint.
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Traditional Poolhouse

Freesuns provided the owners of this pool house in Buchillon with the opportunity to generate clean, green power by replacing their traditional terracotta roof with a Freesuns Solaris™ VDiamond terracotta tiled roof that matched the surrounding buildings accepted by the village council.

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localisationColombier (VD)

The Architect's house

The original Freesuns house. This project was the catalyst to create the Freesuns products and its success kickstarted the business.
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Villa in St-Sulpice

A tailored made solution for a beautiful house by the lakeside of Geneva. In addition to the four roof surfaces on the house, the garage’s roof is 100% photovoltaic.
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Villa in Genolier

A modern new construction featuring a triangular roof surfaces fully covered with integrated solar tiles.
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The Little House, Grand Chalet

For such an important heritage property, it was critical to preserve the historical appearance of the roof.
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Pully Commercial Office

A commercial building in the heart of Pully needed a facelift and to offset the business' daily energy usage using renewable power generation.
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Villa in Orzens

A Freesuns roof for one of our installation partners.
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